• Napoléon Was Exiled

    Napoléon was exiled on St. Helena on 15th October 1815, after ten weeks at sea on board the HMS Northumberland.

    When he first arrived on the island, the French emperor, was put up at Briars Pavilion. However, a few months later in December 1815, the emperor was moved to nearby Longwood House, a property said to have been particularly cold, uninviting and infested with rats.

  • The Napoléonic Museums

    Today, Longwood House is considered to be the most poignant and atmospheric of all the Napoléonic Museums, as it is preserved with its original furniture from 1821. Complemented by over 900 artifacts, also on view is an exact replica of the room where Napoléon died on 5th May 1821, Thanks to the local charity Saint Helena Napoleonic Heritage Ltd.

  • The Iconic ‘Napoléon Bench’

    During his incarceration, Napoléon designed and oversaw several construction projects and with the assistance of his Chinese servants, created the iconic ‘Napoléon Bench’. Instead of and in place of the original bench that was still on St. Helena in 1936, a faithful replica of the original bench still stands in the garden under the original green oak, which was planted by Napoléon.

    Today, you have become one of the very limited few, to own a faithfully replicated example in Teak. Sealed and approved by the St. Helena, Napoléonic Heritage.

Rød Klat

The Napoléon Teak Bench

~ Editions ~

Each bench carries our distinctive legacy identification plate, the identification of fine quality and workmanship.

A Beautiful Bench In Any Location

Rød Klat

The Napoléon Teak Bench

Every Napoléon Bench we produce is an individual commission and crafted to order.

This beautiful bench is yours, and yours alone. Hand built, every bench that leaves our workshop is unique to its owner, each and every bench is marked, numbered and logged in history as yours.

Using the highest quality A Grade Teak, we have gone to every length to faithfully reproduce a bench as closely as possible to the original design specification.

Each Napoléon Bench is finished in the natural beauty of high quality
A Grade Teak, and using traditional Danish craftsmanship and joinery
techniques. Each bench is weather resistant, sealed against the elements and expertly crafted to last several lifetimes, an ideal addition to the collection of every serious Napoléon collector/aficionado.

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The Napoléon Teak Bench

~ Ethical credentials ~

Each of our limited Napoléon Teak Benches are guaranteed ethical, expertly crafted and come with full FLEGT supporting certification, a unique provenance from sustainable forest to your home or working environment.

All shipments are inspected and approved before being loaded into containers for export.

For every bench made, Dagmar Njord pledge to plant 4 new teak trees.

With special thanks to

  • St. Helena

    Napoléonic Heritage Museum
    Michel Dancoisne Martineau