The Napoléon

Teak Bench

Each Napoléon Bench is finished in the natural beauty of high quality A Grade Teak, and using traditional Danish craftsmanship and joinery techniques. Each bench is weather resistant, sealed against the elements and expertly crafted to last several lifetimes, an ideal addition to the collection of every serious Napoléon collector/aficionado.

The Napoléon Teak Bench

Two international operating Danish companies has obtained the exclusive global rights to reproduce Napoleon's famous replica bench from the Frech emperor’s exile on Saint Helena.

Each bench will be special manufactured by professional craftsmen following unique Danish traditions for craftmanship, recognized internationally for quality and durability. Each bench comes with a commemorative plaque and manufactures in a 2 and 3 seater version in teakwood.

The exclusive agreement is concluded between the Danish Singaporean company DagmarNjord/Tectoma Holding Pte. Ltd and the Saint Helena Napoleonic Heritage Ltd.

He is the officially pointed guardian of Longwood House at the central Saint Helena, where the emperor was exiled as a British prisoner from six years until his dead in 1821 after the defeat at Waterloo in 1815.

The building and the surrounding land are today a memorial park and museum. Saint Helena is still British but the government of France has bought the land, where Napoleon Bonaparte ended his life.

The agreement implies that a cut of the proceeds from each bench sold goes to the museum. The money will be used for restoration of the buildings. During the 2010s they went through a huge restoration process, partly financed by the French government. But it still needs constantly repair and attention due to the harsh climate in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The bench is produced in teakwood. As a symbol that wood is an indispensable product for mankind as long as it is treated with respect for the cycle of nature, there will be attached four trees to the buyer for every bench sold.

It will be done through an agreement with the non-profit organization Trees4Trees. All trees will get a QR code and can be found at a specific location. It is not just a donation to a foundation but as a matter-of-fact trees, that can be followed while they grow – possibly while relaxing on ones Napoleon Bench.